Recorded Webinar: Robots and Remote Sensing

(Originally recored on 5/5/20)

Webinar Description:

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are driving a remote sensing revolution with the highest-quality optical data available today. With this data, GIS teams are visualizing assets and operations on a massive geospatial scale, enabling management teams to make intelligent and informed decisions. Automation is the key to driving excellence in your monitoring program. Get the visual data that unlocks a new perspective, while streamlining the process around sourcing, analyzing, and refining into its most actionable points.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How different UAS builds are enhancing visual insights across industries.
  • Why a high-level of autonomy can supercharge your data collection efforts in the field.
  • How to make sense of vast amounts of raw imagery from each inspection, and distill it down to the most valuable data points - without overburdening your staff.
  • The ways that routine monitoring with an autonomous aerial data solution increases ROI in the long term.

Speaker Information:

Jason is a strategically focused technology visionary offering proven success in planning, designing, building, and innovating next-generation technologies. With degrees in Computer Science, Aviation Science and Aerospace Engineering, Jason specializes in resolving complex technical challenges during enterprise systems integrations.

As a serial entrepreneur, Jason is highly effective serving as a bridge between technical and business organizations and has brought numerous start-ups to successful standing and exits. He brings more than 25 years of active experience in both start-up and large organizations.


Recorded Webinar: Robots and Remote Sensing01:03:37
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