Recorded Webinar: Meet 4M: The Next Generation of Subsurface Utility Mapping - Thursday, January 21, 2021

Webinar Description:

 During this webinar, the 4M team will describe the problem of inaccurate utility mapping data & consequences, as well as presenting 4M's technology & solutions of mitigating the entire construction project lifecycle for project owners, consultants and contractors.

4M Analytics is a subsurface mapping infrastructure tech-company. 4M uses AI, computer vision and remote sensing capabilities to provide Remote Utility Mapping & Route Concept Planning, accurate and up-to-date, FAST (in days) and at LOW COST. 4M's maps are created remotely, globally, without the need for as-built data and with 100% field coverage.
In addition, in February 4M will be launching a real-time excavation-tracking mobile app for damage prevention - 4DIG.
Click here to review a recent article published on 4M by Geoff Zeis.
Live Webinar: Thursday, January 21, 202101:00:00
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